Viagra makes men more loving

How Viagra makes men loving as well as lusty

Anti-impotence drugs can turn men into more loving partners, new research suggests.

As well as its original aim of improving sexual performance, Viagra boosts levels of a "cuddle chemical" in the brain that increases a man's love for his partner.

Scientists have found that the little blue pill stimulates production of the love hormone oxytocin, which is believed to promote romantic feelings and bonding between couples.

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'Viagra may make a man more loving as well as improve his physical performance'

The chemical is released during orgasm and also has an important role in social interaction, childbirth and breastfeeding.

The discovery that anti-impotence drugs can also make men love their women more was made by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US.

Study leader Proefssor Meyer Jackson, said: "This is one piece in a puzzle in which many pieces are still not available.

"But it raises the possibility that erectile dysfunction drugs could be doing more than just affecting erectile dysfunction."

Viagra overcomes impotence by blocking phosphodiesterase type 5, a chemical that limits blood flow. Scientists have now discovered that this chemical also regulates the release of 'love hormones' in the brain.

Viagra: boosts levels of a 'cuddle chemical' in the brain

It means that Viagra effectively stimulates the brain to pump out more of this love chemical.

However, Professor Jackson warns that Viagra cannot make a man love a woman he has no feelings for. There has to be some affection there to start with.

"Erectile dysfunction drugs do not induce erections spontaneously, they enhance the response to sexual stimulation," he said.

"The same thing is happening in the posterior pituitary - Viagra will not induce the release of oxytocin on its own, but it will enhance the amount of release you get in response to electrical stimulation.

"I think this is a missing link in terms of trying to sort out the issues around whether there are additional effects of phoshodiesterase type 5 inhibitors."

Two other drugs, Levitra and viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy, work in the same way by blocking the same enzyme - meaning they are likely also to increase levels of love chemicals in men.

The discovery, to be published in the Journal of Psychology, was made by measuring levels of oxytocin produced by rats.

When the rats' pituitary glands were exposed to Viagra, they released three times more oxytocin than they did without the drug.

Professor Jackson said because oxytocin is well-known for its ability to promote the forging of strong social bonds, it may also provdie a biological explanation for why people fall in love, especially after sex.

The study is one of many investigating the beneficial side-effects of anti-impotence drugs. Another recent study has shown that Viagra helps hamsters overcome jetlag. But Argentinian scientsists found it only applied to flights going east.

A trial is underway to find out whether Viagra can help reduce the numbers of premature babies. Mums-to-be are being given the drug to increase the blood supply to the womb, allowing the baby to get all the nutrients they need.

And another study is looking at whether the drug can be used to help men with chronic hip pain.

Regent/Mayor Must Prepare Data of Askeskin Members
Regent and mayor are requested to immediately decide number, names and addresses of poor and almost poor population in their areas as well as to control provision of poor statements (SKM/SKTM) so that it cannot be misused. Hospitals and other health facilities are not supposed to be local income sources (PAD).

It was mentioned by Minister of Health, Dr. dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp.JP(K), in Coordination Meeting of JPKMM-Askeskin Program Implementation 2007 at Jakarta (4/9). It was attended by 1,518 stakeholders from center and region, and purposes to create coordination and stabilization of Askeskin Program 2007 as well as financing by provincial/district/municipal government.

The meeting is also to provide comprehension of payment standardization for health services in hospitals through Indonesia Diagnosis Related Group (Ina-DRG). Ina-DRG is a prospective payment pattern and a penetration on payment system of health services in hospitals related to health insurance mechanism. Therefore, fee at all hospitals will be the same each others. It will be a reference for PT. Askes to verify claims.

According to Health Ministerial Decree No. 989/Menkes/SK/IX/2007, government will make Ina-DRG effective starting on September 1, 2007 for 3 rd Class at government hospitals throughout Indonesia and on October 1 for other classes.

Relating to online pharmacy viagra delinquent claims, Minister of Health asks hospital directors to keep continuing health service to poor people and responding budget delay problems. She ensures that all unpaid claims must be paid after verification, and Ministry of Health (MOH) is attempting additional budget.

Use of drugs, except formularium, is for life saving. Therefore, she requires the use of formularium or others having similar content with it. It is as an effort to control the cost considering the limited budget. In addition, providing services should refer to the exist reference, and there should not be irrational therapy and health service. List of additional drugs has been prepared to be informed.

To all head of medical committee and Medical Advisory Board (MAB), she asks them to run their duty and function in arranging medical service standard and monitoring the implementation, conducting supervision of profession ethic, managing profession authority of functional medical staff and developing service programs.

Meanwhile, to head of provincial health office, she requires them to continuously supervise and monitor Askeskin program as well as strengthen provincial and district/municipal Coordinating Team and Safe Guarding Team in order to do their job and function well for socialization, supervision and monitoring that they could inventory problems and also formulate the solutions.

It was attended by all regents/mayors, directors of government general hospitals, minister coordinator for people's welfare, minister of domestic affairs, PERSI, ARSADA, KKI, MKDKI, Medical Advisory Board, profession organization, head of provincial health offices, management boards of PT Askes (Persero) and officials in MOH. Minister of health admitted that there are still some problems in implementing Askeskin Program.

At least, there are 4 problems needed to be solved together by stakeholders both from central and local. First, unfinished registration of Askeskin target 2007 that poor statement letter (SKTM) is still used by poor people. It causes many SKTM misuses. Many people, who are not poor, use Askeskin, and it gives disadvantages to poor people's right in getting health service.

Second, many poor people have not still got service because of limited health facilities. On the other hand, there are overloaded service, uncontrolled drug use and non optimal monitor and control of hospital medical care. All of these affect to high hospital cost.

Third, financing problem. Every year, number of Askeskin members is increasing, while its budget is limited. The realization is not efficient and claim payment is usually late. In addition, local contribution on additional budget for poor people health service and the utilization of profit as PAD have not been optimal.

Fourth, Safeguarding and Provincial/District/Municipal Coordinating Teams have not bee optimal, therefore problems on field are not discussed and solved immediately.

According to Mrs. Supari, health status of poor people is now still low, and economic problems are one cause for relating to community incapability to pay health service. ?Therefore, in the beginning of SBY-JK era, strategic policy has been made on providing free health service for poor people. Since January 1, 2005, it has been called as Program Jaminan Pemeliharaan Kesehatan Maskin (JPKMM) and familiar as Askeskin,? said her.

Askeskin Program purposes to improve access and quality of health service for poor people that there would be no poor people are difficult to get health service because of economic reason. ?This program is a part of poverty elimination,? she added.

In early 2005, program target was 36.1 million poor people throughout Indonesia . In line with local government plan and the same time with PKPS-BBM program, starting from mid 2005 to 2006, the target was increased to 60 million of poor and almost poor people. In 2007, the target is adapted from number of poor households obtaining SLT (a cash aid program), that are 19.1 million of poor households or about 76.4 million people.

Poor people get health service in stages, from out- and inpatient at health center to referral of specialistic outpatient care and inpatient care on 3 rd class of hospital. The health service including drugs and other medical needs are referred to rational service standard.

Increasing number of program members causes increasing budget need in every year. It is Rp.5,000/person/month. In 2005, the budget was Rp.2.1 trillion and increased to Rp.3.6 trillion in 2006 and to Rp.4.6 trillion in 2007.

Monitoring and evaluation since 2005 to mid 2007 have shown significant increase on health care utilization by poor people. It indicates that Askeskin program has been known and comprehended by poor people, who need health services without any fee.

For example, utilization of outpatient care in hospital increased almost five times, which was from 1.4 million visits in 2005 to 6.9 million visits in 2006; while, inpatient care increased almost three times, which was from 562,167 cases in 2005 to 1.6 million cases in 2006.

Meanwhile, during first semester in 2007, outpatients in hospital have reached 2.6 million visits, and inpatients have reached 831,139 cases. It is predicted that in second semester utilization of hospital service will increase as years before.

It covers from common cases to specific cases (catastrophic) that need much money, such as heart surgery, cancer surgery, haemodialysis, Caesar surgery, etc. For example, heart surgery increased almost eight times from 380 people in 2005 to 2,950 people in 2006, and haemodialysis increased from 4,862 people in 2005 to 5,418 people in 2006.

This information is published by Center for Public Communication, Secretariat General MOHRI. For further information, please call 021-522 3002 or send e-mail to:

A healthy way to a larger penis

Here is a very safe and very healthy way to make your online pharmacy viagra ‘larger’. Lose weight.

No, the size of your penis won’t change. But many men who are overweight see their penises as being small. And men who have gained weight feel that their penises have gotten smaller. The fact is the size of the penis didn’t change. It is the increase in body size that has made the penis look smaller.

Losing weight won’t make your penis bigger or increase in size. But getting rid of some extra fat, particularly in the thigh and belly area, can created the appearance that your penis is more protruding and that it is more visible.

Cutting down on calories and exercising, keeping your body trim or well toned, can add to your self esteem and confidence, no matter what your penis size.

Orgasm Inc. director Liz Canner.
The load down

By Ed Rampell

In the early 1960s Pres. Kennedy announced America would land a man on the moon by the decade’s end. Science’s current counterpart to the space race is the cum-petition to send women over the moon. That is to say, to create something that’s a gender equivalent to those drugs and treatments aimed at overcoming erectile dysfunction. This sex aid for women to achieve orgasms could take the form of a sort of female cheap viagra, or perhaps cream, shot, surgery or even electrodes invasively inserted into the spine. In any case, the race is on, and, as every salesman knows, sex sells, so there’s gold in them thar hills.

Director Liz Canner’s uncanny documentary may have started out as a cinematic rumination on female pleasure, but it ended up becoming an expose of Big Pharma. According to Canner, she was originally hired by a pharmaceutical firm to edit erotic videos that would be used during clinical trials of a cream intended -- with a little help from our pornographic friends -- to aid human female lab rats to attain orgasms.

However, the company that hired the cagey Canner -- who has a background of making human rights documentaries about subjects such as Nicaragua, LAPD and the L.A. riots -- got much more than they bargained. Like that health insurance industry whistleblower Wendell Potter, Canner grew increasingly disturbed by what she was in a unique position to witness, and the filmmaker went rogue.

The result is Orgasm Inc., a probing look at what could be called the “Female Sexual Dysfunction Pharmaceutical Surgical Complex” (FSDPSC). Pills, surgery and other treatments can be costly and contain health risks, so according to the doc, in order to overcome these objections Big Pharma, et al, concocted the myth that Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a “disease.” Not only that, but having identified a dire need, the FSDPSC is riding to the rescue with the cure to this ailment it has identified and propagandizes about.

However, there’s a fly in the ointment (literally and figuratively). Females happen to be different from males, and the solution (assuming, of course, that there’s even a problem to be solved to begin with) is not simply a feminine version of those boner pills exalted in those schmaltzy commercials advising men what to do if their erections last longer than four hours, etc. As Dr. Sigmund Freud asked: “What do women want?” That’s the $64,000 question or, in the quest to create a female cheap cialis, etc., probably more like a $64 billion question. Like braggadocio partners, so far these pills, etc., promise more than they deliver, and in a sense, this is the perfect film to open in L.A. on April Fools’ Day.

Canner provides a valuable service in her doc by exposing the fact that most of the public pitchmen and women for these various drugs, etc., aimed at inducing vaginal and clitoral orgasms are paid by the same industry they are ballyhooing. In addition, these TV therapists, scientists and the like do not disclose their financial ties to the firms manufacturing the products they’re appraising and praising. During the Iraq War it was exposed that a number of those retired officers, etc., pontificating in news media outlets were actually paid by the Pentagon, and even provided daily talking points to them. When it was exposed that pundit/ bandit Armstrong Williams was secretly taking money from the Bush Administration while pushing Bush educational policies and bashing those of opponents, Williams’ “defense” was that he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.

Perpetrators of these covert conflicts of interest are worse than immoral, they’re amoral, absolutely lacking any sort of ethical compass. When Charles Ferguson confronts culprits of “say for pay” and insider trading in his Oscar winning Inside Job, the perps have cognitive dissonance, since they operate in a realm that’s so sleazy and corrupt they simply can’t recognize what’s right and wrong. (The legal definition of insanity, by the way.)

The corruption Canner cannily exposes in Orgasm Inc. makes a strong case that during this High Renaissance of Insider Trading and Conflicts of Interest we need a sort of truth in advertising law applied to pitchmen/women, requiring them to disclose their financial ties regarding what they’re pitching. Instead of being fobbed off as an independent expert, if some talking head (no pun intended) is taking money from a company whose products or goals he/she is endorsing, this should be disclosed to viewers/listeners/ readers, etc. So when some behind-the-scenes Pentagon goon poses as a disinterested commentator, but is really being paid off by a think tank funded by the defense industry, a label will identify him/her as such onscreen, etc. Let’s call a flack a flack -- and Canner does a great job doing just this. (BTW, in the interests of full disclosure I think that the United States of America should now be legally forced to change its name to the Incorporated States of America. I’m just saying…)

The worst abuse Canner exposes in Orgasm Inc. has to do with what’s called Designer Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery. Much has been revealed about the dangers involved with “boob jobs," but this doc exposes plastic surgery on female private parts, to reduce the length of their vaginal lips and so on. (Maybe soon we’ll need labia labels?) In any case, the doc’s feminist spokespersons make a strong case that this is just a high tech version of the kind of female genital mutilation decried in “backwards” Third World nations. Holy clit!

Sexuality is a very powerful force, and our acceptance, sense of self-worth, being attractive, intimacy, need for physical and emotional satisfaction, and much mysteriously more, are wrapped up in it. Human beings are social animals; we’re not created through asexual reproduction. What Canner craftily shows is that the Female Sexual Dysfunction Pharmaceutical Surgical Complex preys upon women, exploits and heightens their insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, promising them pleasure, cum-panionship, approval, etc. All of which they, and their purveyors, stand to profiteer from -- whether they deliver the goods or -- like so many snake oil salesmen/women of the past -- don’t.

Canner’s technique (filmmaking, that is) is pretty conventional here. No Michael Moore-ian panache or cinematic style a la The Kid Stays in the Picture, that well-made 2002 doc about producer Robert Evans. She is also guilty of a certain amount of Puritanism when it comes to nudity. Like the pill pitchers she exposes, Canner knows full well that sex sells -- hence her doc’s catchy title, and its titillating, provocative ad depicting an apparently naked young blonde embracing a bottle of pills in between her spread thighs, head tossed back in what seems to be an orgasmic delight worthy of Meg Ryan in that famous When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene.

Yet there is no graphic nudity in Orgasm Inc. -- even when this could have greatly benefited viewers. For instance, when discussing vaginal plastic surgery, it would have been useful for audiences to actually see what’s being spoken about. Labia, vulva, etc., before and after operations. After all, film is a visual art form, not just talking heads (of which this doc is full of), and artists have fought valiantly for decades for the freedom to depict sexuality openly. It’s a mystery that, having legally won this free expression battle in America, so few of today’s (non-porn) filmmakers use that hard fought for liberty. The only genitalia to be seen onscreen in Orgasm Inc. comes in the form of pubic puppets (I kid thee not, Dear Reader). If there is sexual dysfunction en masse in America, it is precisely this unnatural attitude toward the human body, male and female, which results in puritanical perversity, obsessions and sexual repression. Alas, this otherwise insightful, inciting documentary may be somewhat guilty of perpetrating what it condemns.

iGIZMO converts its Flash-based online magazine for the iPad; online-only pub feels more at home on

It is often the extremes that point the way. Take Balthaser Studio's old Flash site, you wouldn't use it to create the New York Times, but it certainly showed off what could be done with online technology.


That may be the way the new iGizmo iPad app might be looked at by other publishers. All the video and animation and eye candy does not make iGIZMO a great read, but it certainly is an interesting iPad app.

The iGIZMO Magazine app is free to download from iTunes. The app weighs in at 266 MB so you know all the content is there for offline reading. (The other way to do this is to create the shell app, then force readers to download the issues one at a time.)

If you are not familiar with iGIZMO, it is a UK-based tech magazine owned by Dennis Publishing, and until now, was entirely web-based. iGIZMO is one of those magazines that the Brits do very well, a veritable paradise for PR pros, what I used to call a shlock-fest, if you get my drift. But that's the content, let's look at the app.


Right off the bat the app includes an introductory video on the TOC page -- great idea and good place for it since there is no editor's page. But all this is in the website version -- except that the website is Flash-based. There is video galore in this magazine (and its app), though I will admit that much of it was pretty silly (and every time the word "screen" was pronounced "squeen" I had to chuckle).

Since this app pretty much duplicates the web edition what is the value of an iPad app? Well, for one thing, reading magazines on the web is pretty much a dead-end. Though there are tons of vendors out there pushing Flash-based flipbooks, I've never been an advocate of them -- the web reading experience is simply a different animal than print.

But tablet reading, e-reading if you will, is more of a leisure-time activity and so iGIZMO's magazine will find a more natural home on the iPad than online (imo, of course). So what this app shows is that all those bells and whistles that can be used online, such as video and animation, can be duplicated on the iPad, despite the lack of Flash. In fact, many of the things one finds in the online version are better in the app: swiping of pages, scrolling down to more content, full screen video, etc. If there were millions more iPads (or other tablets) out there I'd say dump the online version and create a different kind of website, then do the magazine exclusively for cheap cialis. But we're not quite there, of course, so that will have to wait.

Below are a few more screenshots, and for the next few days or so you will find iGIZMO's promotional video at right and on the TNM YouTube Channel.

Left: Lot of video and animation can be found in both the online and tablet versions of iGIZMO; Middle: wow, nice car, and nice use of pinch-to-zoom;

Right: video, video, video, done in the same spirit as the Shopping Channel.

How Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis Work
See also: cheap cialis | 

How Viagra, Levitra, and purchase cialis Work

"Viagra® is one of the best-known drugs of all time:
  • Google lists over 1­7 million Web pages that use the word "Viagra." For comparison, Google lists only 3.3 million pages containing the word "aspirin" and only 936,000 containing the word "Tylenol."

  • Billions of spam e-mail messages advertise Viagra® every day. There is so much Viagra spam, in fact, that Pfizer (the maker of Viagra) has a page addressing the problem, called Avoid Fake Viagra, prominently listed on

  • Pfizer has spent untold millions of dollars advertising Viagra®, so you see advertisements for the drug constantly on TV.

  • Pfizer claims on its Web site that nine Viagra® pills are dispensed every second -- nearly 300 million tablets per year"[1].

How Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis Work
See also: cialis | 

How Viagra, Levitra, and order cialis Work

"Viagra® is one of the best-known drugs of all time:
  • Google lists over 1­7 million Web pages that use the word "Viagra." For comparison, Google lists only 3.3 million pages containing the word "aspirin" and only 936,000 containing the word "Tylenol."

  • Billions of spam e-mail messages advertise Viagra® every day. There is so much Viagra spam, in fact, that Pfizer (the maker of Viagra) has a page addressing the problem, called Avoid Fake Viagra, prominently listed on

  • Pfizer has spent untold millions of dollars advertising Viagra®, so you see advertisements for the drug constantly on TV.

  • Pfizer claims on its Web site that nine Viagra® pills are dispensed every second -- nearly 300 million tablets per year"[1].


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